Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Walmart Deal!

So last night I was on my way to pick up a movie from the Redbox (which is located inside our local Walmart), so I figured I would browse a bit since I was already there (another reason to

I noticed SEVERAL racks of clothing marked $1.00! Yes, you read that correctly - $1.00! In the women's section I found several Miley Cyrus long sleeved shirts, work out shorts, and other random t-shirts.

I browsed through some of the other departments and noticed a $1.00 table in the infant section full of sweat pants. I noticed a full rack of little boys clothing for $1.00 - everything from pants, sweaters, shorts, to Transformers t-shirts - all marked $1.00!

I also noticed that velour separates were marked $5.00 a piece! They had many colors and almost every size you could think of. Not a bad deal - $10 for a whole suit!

I'm sure these items won't last long and as always your Walmart prices may be slightly different, but worth checking out!

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