Tuesday, February 23, 2010

$15 Grill!

Yes you read the headline correctly- $15 bucks for a grill! A $150 dollar grill marked down to a mere $15 bucks! Ok so how did I score this deal? We couldn't have stumbled upon this one at a better time. My husband and I were just discussing this weekend how we needed to buy a new grill - we even made an attempt to look at grills at Walmart but decided to hold off. Well yesterday my hubby called me from work (he works at Lowes) and he goes "Umm I am going to buy us a grill for $15.00" Of course I immediately had a million questions. So basically he got to work super early yesterday and as the truck was unloading items this grill literally fell off the truck while unloading - so they reduced the price on it significantly! Luckily my hubby was the first one to claim it! The top part is scratched and dented a bit and one knob is missing but aside from that its good to go! It even has a burner on the side. Check it out!

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