Friday, July 30, 2010

Target: Toys Marked Down 75% Off!

I managed to be in the right place, at the right time yesterday and was able to scoop up some toys for my son. I was very excited about my finds so I took a few pics to share. Please feel free to comment if you want the DCPI/ASIN # or need help finding an item at your store that I got for 75% off (there are tricks to find them).

Quick ReCap of what I got:

Handy Manny Laptop - $7.48

Iron Man Laptop - $7.48

Fisher Price Cool for School - $12.48

Chuck the Talking Truck - $8.74

Smaller Chuck the Talking Truck - $2.48 (my son already loves this one)

Circo Crawl Tunnel - $3.84

Circo Kid's Tent - $4.98

Iron Man Talking Semi-Truck - $4.98

Bubbles - $0.48 cents

Bag of 100 balls - $5.07 (my son REALLY loves these)

Tonka Bounce Back Car - $8.74

Winnie the Pooh My 1st Learning Phone - $4.98

Curious George Board Game - $4.98

Soft ABC Learning Blocks - $3.98

Fisher Price Headphones for toddlers - $4.24

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