Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kmart: Additional 40% off Clothing Clearance!

I don't normally shop at Kmart because their isn't one near my house but yesterday we were out at Kmart to take our free Olan Mills photos and so we stopped in. I picked up toddler jeans for get this....$0.59 cents!!!! I could not believe my eyes!! The jeans were marked $0.99 cents which I thought was a steal - then on top of that they had an additional 40% off deal (this deal ends TODAY)..they have some great deals! I think I will hit up another Kmart today. Can't beat .59 cents for jeans for toddlers (the jeans went up to size 5T). I also scooped up some jean shorts for $1.59, and some toddler sweat pants for $.59 cents!

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