Thursday, July 8, 2010

John Frieda: High Value Coupons Are Back!

I am LOVING my new John Frieda hair care products that I scooped up for a mere $.54 cents a piece at Target last week. The Root Awakening has done wonders for my hair! If you haven't tried these - they are great products! AND you can print out some high value coupons off John Frieda's website or just click here. There are two coupons available - fill out a hair profile and have access to a $3.00/2 JF products coupon or print out a coupon for $2.50/1 JF product. Combine these with the Target Store Coupon found here and score a SWEEET deal!

How to score these for cheap?

  • Certain Target's have the John Frieda Root Awakening on Price Cut for $5.04 - buy 2 of these. Total = $10.08
  • Then use two of the JF coupons from here $2.50/1 + $2.50/1. Subtract $5.00 from above
  • $10.08 - $5.00 = $5.08
  • Then use the $3.00/2 Target manufacturer coupons and pay = $2.08 for both!

*Note* Now if you get the Sunday paper or if you get coupons in your weekly mail then you may have $3.00/1 John Frieda coupons that were distributed (these are the ones that I used to score the shampoo and conditioner for so cheap last week).

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