Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tulle One Day Sale!

It's March and you know what that means? Tulle is having another one day sale! Now if you have followed my past blogs you know what an incredible sale this website can have! Last month they offered a variety of lightweight to heavy coats for men and women for as little as $8.99! This month they have a variety of items up for grabs (for men and women), choose from dresses for $7.99, men's trench coats for $7.99 (like the one pictured above), women's tops for $4.99, women's coats for $9.99 and more! Don't miss out! I have ordered several times off this website and they do a pretty good job tracking your order for you AND the best part is they will automatically give you a 30% discount on your shipping at the end of your order (shipping rates are fairly low compared to other sites). Ok so enough of me babbling! See for yourself - check out the Tulle sale here or here. If you order from them, post a comment (either on my blog or on my facebook and let me know what you think!)

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