Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blockbuster Kiosk Movie Codes!

Blockbuster has just released a Rent One - Get One Free Movie code, valid at any Blockbuster Kiosk location (these are typically located inside Publix grocery stores - at least in the Atlanta area). To find a kiosk near you, click here and just use the code 555G13B, code is valid thru March 31st. Also if you sign up to receive email alerts from Blockbuster kiosk they will send you a movie code for a FREE rental. Sign up here for email alerts.

Ok so I gave in (I'm a RedBox Fan at heart) and signed up for the Blockbuster Kiosk ONLY because I've been wanting to see "The Blind Side" and Redbox doesn't carry it. Anywho, so I found a few more FREE Blockbuster Movie Codes (I like free!)Now the one thing I will say that I like about the BB kiosk is that you can enter promo codes online and rent (your can't enter promo codes online for redbox).

This is the code I used and its valid til 3/31 - GY131

Valid thru 4/6 - GA13A4

More BOGO Codes

NewMoon, expires 3/28

GN13B4 - expires 3/29

GA13B3 - expires 4/6

thanks to The Frugal Girls for the additional codes!

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