Monday, November 22, 2010

Target: 4-Day Sale

Target is having a special "Pre-black Friday" sale which kicked off yesterday (Sunday) and runs thru Weds (11/24). I have been asked my thoughts on this event so after looking over the deals I would say that the REAL Black Friday Ad has the better deals - BUT there are few sales I would like to highlight.

If you bought the Sunday paper yesterday you probably noticed Target's large ad had several pages of target coupons. If you missed the coupons in the paper, no worries you can find them all right here. Catch is that they expire 11/24 so you will have to use them quick!

The coupon that really stood out was $5/1 Disney Blu-Ray ($16.99 or more). You could possibly score some sweet movie deals if you still have you Beauty and the Beast coupon (or print a new one here). The movie is priced at $24.99 (minus the $5 target coupon found here + the coupon off the Disney Rewards site or here) = $9.99 for the Blu Ray Combo!

Another coupon I noticed is for the Cuponk (page 5 of the Toy Catalog here). I believe this game is advertised to be $7 thru Weds - minus the $5.00 coupon = $2.00 final total! The Toy Catalog is also located in the Toy Aisle at Target and all the coupons from the toy catalog online are in the booklet in store as well.

Other items I noticed:

Leapfrog Tag Storybooks are Buy One, Get One Free. Use this $5.00/1 coupon (you will have to watch the 45 second Equinox video to print the coupon). Final cost for two books will be just $5.00!

Nicki Minaj's new cd "Pink Friday" hit stores today for $8.99

Ne-Yo's CD "Libra Scale" also dropped today and is in stores for $8.99

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