Friday, March 25, 2011

Target: Bobble Head Kits $3.24?!?

I visited Target today and discovered what appears to be a pricing error. Bobble Head Kits are priced at $3.24 (according to the shelf tag) however they scan $12.99. I had a pretty stubborn manager who wouldn't budge to fix the mistake and honor the price on the shelf tag - she finally gave in and did because I wouldn't let up. If you know you are right in a situation like this then don't back down - stand your ground! Don't become intimidated and ask to call corporate if need be. Anyways sorry for the photo quality I took it with my phone. And as always your miles may vary - each store has their own pricing. These are located in the Crayola aisle - I also noticed Beauty and the Beast Crayola Gift Sets for $3.74, and Hello Kitty diary sets for $2.48.

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