Monday, April 12, 2010

Here's to the Hero's (Military Perk)

For another year in a row Anheuser Busch is sponsoring the "Here's to the Hero's" program and are ALL offering a free ONE-DAY Pass to Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, or Sesame Place for military personal and their families (up to three dependants)! If your in the military (mil spouse, dependent, etc) and would like to sign up just click here. You will have to enter in the information for the active/retired military personal and then print out a confirmation form and take it to guest services on the day you visit the park.

My husband and I went to Sea World two years ago thru the Here's to the Hero's program and it was really a treat! We plan on taking the baby down there this year to visit SeaWorld. This is an inexpensive way to vacation!

(Thanks LeAnn S. for posting this!)

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